about us

Hi there and welcome,

I am Zoe, Mummy to Reuben and Joseph. 

In Sept 2019 I was made redundant at 8 weeks pregnant. So, I found myself a part-time job in the meantime but then the 2020 pandemic hit.

This meant not only going through the motions of having a baby during the start of lockdown 1.0, but it also meant I did not have my part time job to go back to.

After a rollercoaster start adjusting to life with two children in the middle of the worlds crisis, I knew I needed to do something.

I took the opportunity to study from home, an online diploma in Social Media and Business, and so went on to create where you are right now,  RUJO Baby Clothing.

In between feeds, nursery drop offs, studying and late nights I set out to build a brand that suits both baby and parent.

Remembering the times I battled at night with fussy fabrics, RUJO brings you easy yet modern clothing that allows baby to do what baby does best; play, crawl and sleep.

Our garments are handpicked with your family in mind to keep life simple with minimal poppers, easy zips and stretchy fabrics. 

Meaning less time changing baby and more time to play and cuddle.

So, thank you so much for visiting my small business. I hope you adore our products just as much as we do!

Your love makes magic happen,

Zoe x